Monday, January 7, 2008

New Baby

I got a text message from my former pldt co worker last Jan.05,Saturday,she said that she already gave birth to a healthy baby boy.Am so happy for her coz i know how much she waited for him.She and her husband were trying to have a baby for a few years now and after 2 miscarriages,they finally got what they've been wishing for.Actually she was getting a little bit worried because she said she's getting old now(39) and we know that once a woman reached a certain age,it'll be a risk to have a baby but after me and Amy(another pldt friend) visited her this morning,i knew she's recovering fast and the baby's fine.She delivered him under Ceasarian Section.She's a picture of a happy Mom.

I remember when i gave birth to my son nearly 12yrs ago,when i first laid eyes on him,i cant believe that he came from me,that's why all i did the first night was just stared at him.I miss him being a baby coz now he already has his own baby(
And it's always fascinates me and makes me happy seeing the excitement from those newly and moms-to-be.i know what they feel.From the first time that you found out that you're pregnant,feeling him/her move inside you and the moment that you set eyes on him/her,the feeling is HEAVEN.and that's the time that you'll promise yourself,you'll do anything for the sake of your child/children.
Congrats Mars Connie!
God bless to all MOMs around the world!


idealpinkrose said...

hi! congratulations to your friend for having an adorable baby...

by the way, thanks for the link...linked you up, too!

from allinkorea

texas_sweetie said...

wow tell ur friends congrats!! so cute is the baby eweeeewwwww!! i'm jealous because i still have 8 days to go before i can see my first born..naks excited ba! hehe... kumusta ka bhenG?