Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Im back!i know i've been absent for a few days,just like you,been busy with the holidays!!!Thanks to my blogger friends who didnt forget to visit my site once in a while and to others who didnt find time,i know i was just like you,busy,and i completely understand that.

Once in a while,when i find time,i tried to visit 1 or 2 or 3 blogs at a time and stayed there for a while to see what's new with you and it always made me happy coz although we dont know each other personally,it seems like i already knew you by reading your blogs and finding out what's happening in your daily living.

And the fact that we've already exchanged links,it's like accepting me in your "home" and that makes me proud of myself coz having lots of friends is always my thing.

To those of you who's been visiting my site,if you want us to exchange links,just let me know,but there are those who agreed to exchange links with me but after including them on my list,i'll find out later that my site doesnt exist in theirs so i've no choice but to delete you :-(

To top it all,this year's been good to me,i didnt only gain friends but in this year also when i met my future husband!!!and we're getting stronger more each day!Thanks be to God!

May the new year bring us more hopes and prosperity and may our dreams be fulfilled.

Good health and long life are also among my wishes.

Happy New Year to all!!!Godspeed!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas To All!!!

Christmas is not just simply thinking what presents we'll get or what new clothes we'd be buying or wearing.Let's not forget that it is because of Jesus that's why we're celebrating Christmas every year.Let's celebrate this special holiday with its True meaning... Love,Peace and Happiness!

That's why i wish everyone an undying Love,World peace and endless Happiness.

May Jesus reigns in our heart Forever!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007


More often than not,things turned out the way we didnt expect it to be.No matter how hard we tried,if it's not yet the time,it wont happen.

And it's just disappointing since i've been expecting something that will come to an end but i guess i still have to extend a little more patience.ok,i know patience is virtue,no doubt about it,but sometimes,if you're waiting for such a long time,it gets too tiring and makes you think it SUCKS!!!

Oh well,i wish i could make a difference but i cant do anything but to wait and pray,i hope it will come to an end soooooooooon,time is running fast...and the clock is ticking....

I'm sorry and i know you're wondering what's this all about but I'll share it with u guys when it's finally over.for now,i just wanna say...thank u for taking time out reading this...i just need to vent.

Wish me luck!!!i hope things will get clearly and much better in the near future...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hamilo Coast

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Busy DIVI.....

I've been busy lately and that's because i've been trying to focus on some important matters,a really important one.The reason why i wasnt able to update my blogs too...
Anyways,the past few days that i've been out,i often passed by to Divisoria,Ylaya particularly.I used to avoid this place during holiday seasons,i'd rather take another route to go to my destination.But lately,i found myself walking along with those people who shops.Actually,I didnt have any intention of buying anything since I was always in a hurry going home.But passing thru Divisoria Mall and 168 who have lots to offer made it hard to resist.So i always ended up carrying something which i didnt plan on

Well,I just found it amusing that despite of the fact that our country's suffering from bad economy,that celebrating Christmas is now considered a "luxury",still,we managed to handle it lightly.Filipino people will always find time to celebrate it no matter how hard it can be.We can still manage to give presents to those who are dear to us.We can still manage to put a smile on our face and greet each one of us a Merry Christmas.Well,that's the Filipino spirit.
Whether we will be having a present that is expensive or not,it's always the thoughts that count.Gifts or no gifts,there's nothing compare to celebrate Christmas with people who are close to our heart,afterall,that's Christmas to every Filipino Family.