Monday, November 26, 2007


Lately,I've been to "little accidents" like i slipped my foot on our staircase while going down,tripped and down on my knees while I was on my way out of the post office and last night,while I was sweeping the floor,I accidentally hit the soda bottle with my foot,after a while i felt that there was blood dripping from my left toe,my son checked the bottle and found out that it was broken.Ouch!

I've been extra careful but then sometimes we dont know when accidents come.But I am always glad that it gave me little scars but most of the time i thought if I often get it,I will have lots all over my

But then,these are just physical wounds,once it's been taken care of,it'll be healed in a matter of few days.We can always deal with it.It's different from the wound inflicted in our hearts,in our personality,in our emotion,it will always be there,only time will tell when it'll be healed,no one even knew if it will be healed at all.

There are times that we get mad but still we have to keep our cool.We have to control our emotion by not saying things that we will regret later.No matter how we are being pushed to the limits,we have to stay calm.Because once words have come out of our lips,we can never turn it back.We may regret and feel sorry but the recipient will never forget no matter how he/she tried.

And whether it's physical or emotional,we are only responsible for our own actions.And in every experience,there's always a lesson to learn it from.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Since I was little,I'm already fond of writing.Pens and papers always come in handy wherever I go.Nowadays,where we already have an advance technology,we can access the web everywhere we go.And I was amongst who've been glad to find out about blogging.

Blog is an online journal,it's like a diary where you write all the things that happened not only about yourself but to those that surrounds you or any topic that you'd like to discuss and have it read by everyone.

I've seen other blogs where they write about a certain topic,submit it and once approved, they'll be paid for it.Isnt it cool?And yesterday while i was browsing the net I chanced upon,and after reading their FAQ, I decided to sign up and join.I told myself why not try it since i really love writing,and enjoying a hobby while being paid for it is a plus.

This morning,when i checked my email,I got an approval notice from can't wait for my first assignment,get approved and be paid for it.

Come and join now.It's fun and easy!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Falling in love

It's a great feeling to fall in love.It's like you're in heaven right?But love is not always like a bed of roses,sometimes it's painful,sometimes it's beautiful and oftentimes,it's both.You have to be prepared for all the consquences,have to be strong.There will be trials one after the other.But it's always a good feeling to fight and conquer it all with both of you around.As long as you know that your special someone's always there to hold you tight,ready to give out a hand whenever you fall,and always at your side no matter what,the "Battle" will be worth fighting for.

And there are times that we take all the challenges and risks of falling in love only to let them know how truly we love them.No matter how far the distance is......

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Courtroom shooting

Last month,we were shocked by the news of Glorietta explosion,it was followed by the Congress building bombing last Oct.13 and just a day after that,a shooting inside a courtroom Las PiƱas hit the news.

Did i read it right?in a courtroom?It was said that a woman and her lady lawyer were waiting for her annulment hearing inside the courtroom when suddenly a man appeared from nowhere,shot and killed the two women.It turned out that the suspect was the ex husband of one of the victims(more...)

Come to think of it.If we are not safe in the mall,in the senate house,definitely not in the courtroom where you expect these places to be flooded with men in uniforms,where do we think we're safe?in our house?in the street?well.....

Ahhh,the world is getting smaller and smaller.As they say,it's a survival of the fittest.We wont know what's going to happen next,how and when.It's like watching a suspense/thriller movie where we would wait and see who'll be the next victim.

I wish life will be far more better than we have now and i also wish that Mother Earth will be a better place to live in.But i also wish our authorities and the people will unite and will be more vigilant,be more cautious and be more protective so as not to happen such incidents like these.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hapag ng Pag-asa(Table of Hope)

Each one of us are very familiar with the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.It's being seen in most if not all inside the dining room of every Catholic family.We already knew the story behind Jesus' last supper.

Joey Velasco,a Filipino painter made a twist out of this picture.In his painting,he chose 11 street kids who portrayed as Jesus' disciples.Each kids has their own story to tell.

Watch the video and find out how he came up with the 12th disciple he called "Sudan",how they changed his life,and how it will touch you.

There's more to it than just a canvas....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

rain rain go away.....

The rain hasnt stopped since last nite and according to PAGASA it's just a cold front and it will continue til tomorrow.This almost made me lazy but i still managed to wash the laundry coz i dont want to wait til the sun starts to shine again,it makes me tired to see a lot of clothes waiting to be washed in the hamper:-((sigh).
I hope the sun'll come up tomorrow to dry up all my clothes...^_~(wink)

(satellite image from PAGASA )

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Power of Love

When we fall in love,we learn how to:






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and say sorry....

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at the end of the day you'll compromise....

All because of:

A Rebel Attack?

Another bombing hit the country last nite (Nov. 13) when the south wing of Congress Building shaken by a big blast that instantly killed Basilan representative Wahab Akbar, the driver of another lawmaker and a member of a staff of yet another solon. It was said that others were lucky because it happened at 8pm where there were just a few people who stayed behind,if it happened earlier,surely,there will be lots of fatalities again like that of Glorietta Bombing.

Was this a rebel attack?Not so sure,authorities are still investigating on it but one thing's sure,only those who were involved knew what's behind it.All that we could do is be aware and alert we dont know when and where it will happen again.Let's pray that this will come to an end.

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