Saturday, November 17, 2007

Courtroom shooting

Last month,we were shocked by the news of Glorietta explosion,it was followed by the Congress building bombing last Oct.13 and just a day after that,a shooting inside a courtroom Las PiƱas hit the news.

Did i read it right?in a courtroom?It was said that a woman and her lady lawyer were waiting for her annulment hearing inside the courtroom when suddenly a man appeared from nowhere,shot and killed the two women.It turned out that the suspect was the ex husband of one of the victims(more...)

Come to think of it.If we are not safe in the mall,in the senate house,definitely not in the courtroom where you expect these places to be flooded with men in uniforms,where do we think we're safe?in our house?in the street?well.....

Ahhh,the world is getting smaller and smaller.As they say,it's a survival of the fittest.We wont know what's going to happen next,how and when.It's like watching a suspense/thriller movie where we would wait and see who'll be the next victim.

I wish life will be far more better than we have now and i also wish that Mother Earth will be a better place to live in.But i also wish our authorities and the people will unite and will be more vigilant,be more cautious and be more protective so as not to happen such incidents like these.

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