Thursday, January 10, 2008

Take Me I'll Follow You

Every weekdays,i get up at 4am and start my day by cleaning the house(yes that's the first thing that i do the moment i got up :p),followed by taking a bath,cook breakfast for my son,send him to school,go to market and cook our lunch.only once a week that i do the laundry and iron the clothes.redundant?yes!and now with nothing to do,im feeling bored and lazy since my web marketing(home-based)work has been frozen for a while and will not start again until later of this now just going back and forth from browsing the net and reading forums to browsing the channels of my television.I'm just killing my time coz later i'll go to Manila City Hall to make a follow up regarding my birth certificate's change of still not done with's another thing that makes me sad and bored from waiting so long...sigh!!!

And it's even sad to think that whenever one problem put to an end,another one's always been like that.i know i'm cool but sometimes it's really sucks to wait!and the more i'd like to be with my special someone,the more it's hard to get.It's been a while since we see each other and we're really dying to be with one another but then somehow i know there's always a reason for everything,timing is everything and in HIS time.

Well,just want to pour out my feelings,i know we'll be's just frustrating that we need to wait and wait and wait til we get reunited again.

Here's a song that really pours out my feelings.Im tired of this feeling all by myself, that's why i want him to take me wherever he go.....(i wish,but it's easier said than done with all those papers to finish...hay nako!


Moccalyn said...

sabi nga Patient is virtue, lahat ng mga dinadaan mo pag nalagpasan mo masasabi mo parang kelan lang, then you can share you experiences and can lift those people who are walking at the same path,

stay happy

bheng said...

yes,i always keep that in mind that's why i said everything happens for a reason and in His time.i just need to vent to release my emotion....lam mo naman ako hehehe.but on the lighter side,we're already gathering the docs that we'll be needing so ready na pag ok na lahat...thanks for the comment.

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