Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Randell

"Twas 1:51pm,January 26th,1996,12years to be exact when this little angel came out of this world.His crying was like music to my ears,it soothed the pain that i experienced during the 9mos that i was carrying him.All the hardships were replaced by unexplainable joy when i first laid eyes on him...a great pride.....The essence of being a be a MOM!

I was there when he first crawled,i witnessed when he got his first tooth....when he uttered his first word.I carried him in my arms when he got tired of walking...It was me who was with him when he first entered school.It gives me pride whenever i hear him say MAMA!

Nowadays,i noticed a lot of changes from him.he's now into latest music,he already chooses his own clothes,he spend most of his time with his friends,he's already into Friendster(LOL),he sometimes decides for himself,he's active with his friends but getting lazy when it comes to his homeworks and other school tasks :-( and to top it all,i used to call him my baby but now he already has his own baby(GF)...sigh!i still bring him to school though but he's now the one who goes home. Well,whether i like it or not,my little boy will soon be a big boy....

I admit i missed him being a baby when i can kiss and hug him anytime.Time is running fast and sooner or later he'll be a grown up man and he'll have his own family(i hate to think about that :-) ) Each and everyday i pray to God to keep him always safe and may i continue to guide him and make him a better person as what he is now.
No matter how far he'll go,no matter how big his dreams will be,his MAMA will always be here for him,ready to listen,to lend a helping hand.

I may not be a perfect mother but you know that i always want the best for you and you're forever be my Baby!

Happy Birthday Carlo!Godbless you!

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